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My 8 Home Haircare Tips for Beautiful Hair

Don’t you love that fresh hair feeling when you leave the Salon and your hair looks and feels amazing?

But often it’s when you get home that you wonder….. how do I keep my hair looking gorgeous between salon visits?

The good news is, its not super complicated but it does take a few mindful steps to add to your regular haircare routine. to make your hair easier to manage, healthier and the envy of all your friends..

So, here are a few of my favourite tips that can seriously level up your hair game, making it easier to manage and giving your hair that naturally vibrant, healthy glow.

I hope you enjoy

Kellie xxx


E X F O L I A T E    Y O U R     S C A L P 

Few people realise the wonderful benefits of brushing your Scalp. I know it sounds like an old wives tale but i can assure you it its true! If you are not brushing your scalp each time before you wash your hair you are missing out on one of the most beneficial hair and scalp routines there are. All you need is a quality scalp brush (natural bristles or duboa) and 60 seconds of thorough brushing against the grain of the hair before each wash. This will stimulate circulation of the small blood vessels under the skin where the new hair cells are being created, promoting strong healthy growth. Also and maybe even more importantly it will exfoliate your whole scalp, leaving the hair strands free from old dead skin cells that weigh the hair down & become infected, causing flaking and itching. By doing the pre-wash brush you are lifting dead cells, excess oils, product build up, dirt and even bacteria off the scalp making it easier to be washed away during your Shampoo.

Even if you only use this one tip, you will feel and see a dramatic improvement in the bounce and silkiness of your hair after you wash it.


C L E A N S I N G   T E C H N I Q U E  

No matter how much conditioner you use your hair will not look good without a quality shampooing technique. To give your hair a thorough cleanse you must do at least 2 shampoo applications, concentrating on the scalp of the hair, not the ends. Simply use the tips of your fingers firmly and rapidly to lather at the base of your hair, as this is where the dirt, excess oils and dead skin cells build up. Repeat this twice rinsing in between then rinse, rinse and rinse some more using lots of water, while rubbing your fingers up through the roots of your hair as your rinse. This is the secret to why your hair always feels best after a shampoo at the salon even if you use the same products at home! It’s the rinsing!!!

Only washing your hair 1-2 times per week can also help, so that natural essential hair oils are maintained.

Of course Shampoo Selection is also important, using the wrong shampoo for your hair type won’t give your hair the optimal result… ask your stylist for the correct choice for you. Sometimes you will need to trial more than one to get the perfect result as there are often multiple shampoos that would suit your hair condition and each one is subtly different just like your hair is different from others.


A L W A Y  S     C O N D I T I O N

Always use a Conditioner, even if you think your hair is too fine or oily to handle it, because without the use of a conditioner your hair surface will be left dull and rough. The correct conditioner will seal the cuticle, locking in moisture & giving your hair a beautiful smooth, shiny surface. Using the right Conditioner will also give your hair added control, which will help to tame unwanted fly-aways. Apply your conditioner from the ears down avoiding the scalp area as this can mix with your natural oils and make your roots look oily and limp. Once again Rinse, Rinse and Rinse some more…. using cold water which will help to seal the cuticle and add shine.

You should follow your Conditioner with a leave in moisturizer containing UV protection. This is vital in our tropical heat to balance moisture levels & protect your hair from Sun Damage!


H E A T     P R O T E C T I O N

It is so common these days to use extreme heat on our hair without realising the potential damage we could be causing. With the rise of the straightening iron and the popularity of curling tongs and even the re-emergence of the modern day crimper the (deep wave styler) it is more vital than ever to protect your hair from the heat. Remember most of these tools begin at 180 degrees and go up from there so this is not an area of your hair care routine to skip. Even the humble blowdryer is doing damage. Heat damage can burn the colour molecules from your hair, split the cuticle and literally burn your hair shaft. Burnt hair is no joke! Depending on your hair type you can select a spray, cream or serum type of heat protection product. This will act as a barrier to the heat, much like suncream does for your skin. I recommend that you apply your heat protection to clean damp hair after washing and towel drying, this will make it easy to distribute as the left over dampness in your hair will act as a carrier for the product. Then safely style away, knowing your hair is protected. Make sure you use a heat protection product each time you are heat styling.


R E G U L A  R     T R I M S 

Even if you are growing your hair, regular trims are essential. Without a regular trim your hair shaft will split and begin to break upward along the strand, causing damage further up the hair. Professional hair cutting scissors remove the dam- age and leave a clean precise end to the hair strand preventing progressive breakage. Some damage simply needs to be removed to allow the new healthy hair to shine. For Short hair every 4-6 weeks is ideal and for long hair 8-12 Weeks.


C O L O U R     S U P P O R T

I think we have all had a hair colour that fades just a bit quicker than we would like. To help stop that from happening you should be using a colour safe Shampoo and Conditioner, as these are specially designed to be more gentle and have less aggressive cleansing agents in them. It’s also important to not wash freshly coloured for 2-3 days after your colour service to help maintain your colour.

Another great secret to maintaining the vibrancy of your colour is to use a pigmented shampoo, conditioner or co- loured mousse between salon visits. This is a step that no hairdresser would go without.

That might mean a purple shampoo to keep those brassy yellow tones at bay, or a copper coloured masque or mousse to match your new colour. This will not only support your original colour and keep it looking bright but it will also give your hair amazing dimension and shine.


H Y D R A T E D     A N D H E A L T H Y 

Drink plenty of water each day and follow a healthy & balanced diet. Our diet influences our health, how we feel and how we look. Just as our internal systems are affected by what we put inside our bodies, so too is our hair. The Hair is affected by ill health, medication and even stress!! Hair cells need a complete supply of nutrients to generate in a strong and healthy way.


W E E K L Y     D E E P     T R E A T M E N T

If your hair lacks shine, is breaking or if your hair is excessively dry, your hair is probably desperately in need of a regular deep treatment. Most people will benefit greatly from using a deep treatment that is matched to their hair type.

Deep Treatments work by replacing the missing elements in your hair, like moisture, proteins and oils, thereby repairing dryness and damage that has been caused to the hair. Deep Treatments have highly concentrated ingredients designed for optimum absorption, penetrating deeper into the hair than regular conditioner and therefore giving a stronger result. Regularity is the key, it is far more beneficial to do one each week for 10 minutes than doing one a month for an hour. Your hair needs regular hydration and rebuilding, because moisture is constantly being evaporated and stripped from the cuticle by heat, air conditioning, friction, chemical & mechanical means. Once this happens splintering occurs on your hair shaft and this is irreparable! So let’s Deep Treatment weekly.

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