Why not Try Our Signature Mocktail
– The Cranberry Chill!

After many long hours in the Kitchen deciding on the perfect combination of juices, we have finally come up with a mocktail we believe has the perfect blend of taste and sophistication. (much like us really! he he he)

But don’t ask for the recipe…. It’s a closely guarded Secret……
In fact it’s so good, we fear our competition will try to copy it!

So if your haven’t tried one already….treat yourself to a little bit of extra pampering on your next visit and select a “Cranberry Chill”  from your Refreshment Menu.



Cold Beverages
Cool down with a refreshing drink


Chilled Purified Water

Chilled Orange Juice Selection

Sweet orange juice
Golden Pash
Passionfruit juice with a splash of pineapple and apple
Tropical Blend
Orange, pineapple, peach, passion


& hot chocolate
Enjoy the full bodied Taste and Rich Aroma of an Emphasis Coffee
Flat White
Served with light white milk
Long Black
Strength by request weak /strong
Fluffy soft Cappuccino served with light white milk
Skillfully layered Latte, with rich creamy heated milk
For the sweet tooth, coffee infused with Cadbury drinking chocolate
Hot chocolate
Milky rich Cadbury hot chocolate, topped with chocolate dust


The soothing benefits of tea have been known for centuries.
White Tea
Served with Light White Milk
Black Tea
Strong and refreshing

Herbal Infusions Tea Selection

Green Tea with Jasmine flowers
Rich in healing antioxidants, delicate taste
Lemon soother
Blending the luscious flavors of lemon, hibiscus and orange peel.
Providing a deliciously refreshing taste sensation
Calming chamomile, to relax and rejuvenate



Amazing! Amazing service! Always amazing hair! Amazing Girls! Elise Koeman