Find Out What You Really Need to Know about
Working at Emphasis Hair Studio

Without the RISK of Anyone finding out you’re even Looking’

Frustrated with your current Job?

Feeling cheated by undelivered promises?

Do you go to work feeling on top of the world, only to leave at the end of the day feeling bored, uninspired & not valued?
Or do you just want a fresh start, new ideas and inspiration?


When you’re looking for a new job, It’s vital you ask the RIGHT questions of your prospective new boss, and that the answers match what you’re looking for.. 

That’s why I am revealing for you, the answers to these questions, giving you the inside info on the Emphasis Experience.

Hi, My Name is Kellie, The Owner of Emphasis Hair Studio …

I’m excited to share with you some of the questions you should ask before beginning any new job & what we can offer you as a Senior Stylist at Emphasis..

I guess you’re reading this because you’re seeking a new Job, or maybe just wondering what opportunities you could be missing out on in your current job.

I understand that applying for a new job is a nerve wracking process…

What will it REALLY BE LIKE?  
Will I Fit in?  
Is it worth the effort?  
Will I be good enough?  
What if they expect too much?
Maybe I should just stay with the Devil I know…

If you are sick of wondering….

Sit back brew a cup of coffee and read on, here are the questions you should be asking your potential employer…. 

1.  “How will you ensure that this enquiry is kept confidential?”

If you’re currently in a job, and looking to move, you will want to be sure that the process in kept confidential.

At Emphasis we respect your privacy, the meeting can be held after hours or in a neutral location. NOBODY, not even our staff, need to know you are interested, until you decide it’s time.  Simply mention that this is a concern of yours and we will proceed accordingly.


2.  “What kind of incentive plan do you have?  Is 
there a limit on how much I can earn?”

We have developed a generous, results based incentive program, where you can earn monetary retail and service bonuses when you achieve your weekly goals.  There is no limit on what bonuses you can achieve and all bonuses are paid on a weekly basis, straight into your bank account.

To give you an example: our senior Staff might earn anywhere from $50 to $300 a week in extra bonuses.


3.  How will you help me Develop my skills as a Hairdresser?

At Emphasis it’s very important to us that we work with our staff to help them become the best stylists they can be and assist them in achieving their dreams.  During your induction as an Employee at Emphasis we will sit down with you to determine what areas you believe you are skilled at, which areas you would like more training in and what your ultimate goals are.

Will I get the opportunity for extra Training?

Many Salon owners might see extra professional training courses as just another unwanted expense.  We like to see further training as aninvestment in the future of our Staff and our Business.  We encourage all of our staff to attend many personal and professional training programs and seminars, and will contribute up to $500 per stylist each year towards these.

4. “What other Benefits are there to working in Your Salon?”

At Emphasis you will be given one week of Holidays at Christmas, as well as 4 days off over Easter (Yes that’s right, we close Easter Saturday) We also close the Salon early on Melbourne Cup day & the whole team get dressed up and go for Lunch.

  • Your 9% Super Will be Paid on Time Quarterly.
  • You receive a 25% Discount on personal product purchases.
  • You get Your Hair Colour done once a Month for FREE!
  • You will be paid for weekly staff meetings – where we recognize personal achievements, dedication and have fun & motivational team building sessions


5. Is the Owner a Hairdresser and do they know what it’s like to run a Hair Salon?

I have been Hairdressing for the past 17 years both in Australia and overseas and have over 7 years experience as a Salon manager and 7 years as a Salon Owner.

So I know how stressful it can be when you’re trying to do your best in the middle of a Busy Saturday morning with three clients on the go.

Do you feel like it’s time for a change & are you ready for your hard work to be appreciated, well here’s your chance to get the Job you’ve always dreamed of!

Call 07 47723936 or 07 4775 4735 now if you have anymore questions about opportunities for you at Emphasis Hair Studio, or simply email your enquiry to Kellie at

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